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Easy Piano Solos with Teacher Duets

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Simple Sensations is a fun collection of thirteen easy showcase piano solos composed especially for beginners to late beginners of all ages. While each piece stands alone, this book also includes contemporary, lush teacher duet parts to maximize the fun! Hear all the songs below, read reviews, and click through to purchase.

Simple Sensations Piano Solos


“I just ordered this book and it’s so fun!!!! My younger students age 7 will just love this book. I can’t wait to show it to them in September! I also have a few of your singles and they have been a hit with my students! Robyn , please write some more books!”


“I absolutely love this book! I have beginner students ranging from 4 to 13 playing songs from this book and they love the songs as much as I do. A variety of wonderful, engaging pieces with truly lush teacher duets. Many of my students have parents who play, so it’s fun for them to play these songs together at home. Honestly, I can’t say enough about this wonderful book.”


“This is the most charming and fun book for elementary level students. The variety of moods, sweet & lyrical to rhythmic and energetic, appeals to all my beginners, boys and girls, young and teens. The pieces start more simply and increase in difficulty. My son says it reminds him of Anime music, which is the highest compliment from him.”


“This book is excellent! My students love it, and I have a father and daughter working on a duet from it! Robyn certainly understands children because this book is tops!”


“I love this songbook! It is full of many styles and types of pieces that are great for recitals!”


“A beautiful collection that students will love to play! The duets add a lot to make these pieces sound full.”



“This is really a great collection for elementary level students. Works great as a solo book. The duets are beautiful with lush harmonies, and yet an older sibling or parent could play with the student.”

“My pupils are in love with this book! The studio license has been worth every penny as my pupils are smitten with each piece and are drawing in their siblings and family members to play along with them.”


“Unique, motivating solos that my beginning students are enjoying and choosing as recital pieces!”


“Wow!! Full of beautiful, contemporary and engaging pieces that your students will really enjoy! I can’t wait to add this book to my studio!”


Song for a Friend is an easy lyrical solo for late beginners of all ages. This gentle, rhythmic piece is ideal for recitals and provides reinforcement for developing internal rhythm and reading treble notes in G position.

“Another lovely piece Robyn! So fun to discover that two sisters had chosen pieces written by you for our recital this year. Thank you!”


“I love how sweet it sounds. The melody is beautiful and the way it’s put together is wonderful. I enjoy playing it.”


“This beautifully written solo has truly touched my heart!”


“This has been a wonderful piece to inspire some of my teens – the rhythm patterns flow easily and is gratifying to play!”


Make A Wish is an easy pop-style solo for late beginners of all ages. Provides fun reinforcement of the F major scale with a melodic quality that makes it an engaging recital piece.

“This piece is beautiful! I love how it reinforces the F major scale and the melody is so beautiful. A parent stopped what she was doing to comment how she loved hearing her daughter play this piece. Can you make some more for ALL the scales?” 🙂


“I love the beautiful singing melody in this piece. Can’t wait to give this to all of my Movement 1 students!”


“I have learned this song and I love it!  It has a melody you won’t soon forget. Make a wish has touched my heart. It will touch many other hearts like me.”


“Absolutely gorgeous piece – pretty enough to be played at a wedding! My student will be playing it at his sister’s wedding next month! Pretty cool!”


Across the Sea is a student favorite for late beginners of all ages. This adventurous showcase solo is perfect for those who enjoy playing in minor keys, as well as a piece that sounds difficult but sits easily in the hands!

“I love that this piece is in a fast 1, and it is easy enough to learn that my student will be able to realize the performance tempo with careful practice. And as I teach in a seaside town, “sea pieces” are always gobbled up by my students.”


“Beautiful piece that is perfect for my older beginners!”


“This piece flows very nicely and once the student gets it up to speed, it’s a favorite for those who love to play music that moves along.”


“As a lover of sea shanties, this piece really hits all the right places in my heart. Even though it is supposed to be in a fast 1, the piece works in a slightly slower 3, so it is enjoyable to play while learning.”


Happy Place is a lyrical solo for late beginners. Its peaceful melody will delight students of all ages, including children, teens, and adults.

“This is a lovely, interesting piece which is very uplifting. Everyone should have this in their collection. It could be used as a example for composing and a recital piece. Such a wonderful feeling of completion and all is well.”


Ash Grove (also known as Let All Things Now Living) is a charming evenly-leveled sacred duet arranged for all ages of late beginners and up. This beloved hymn, set to the traditional Welsh tune of the Ash Grove, is perfect for ensembles, preludes, offertories, and celebrations, as well as excellent sight reading material for intermediates and up.

“What a very fine evenly-leveled, beautiful duet of this well-loved melody. My students love this above all other duets, and they always want to play it. Of course, it sounds great, because they love it and practice it! This would be a great choice for an ensemble concert!”


Zum Gali Gali is an evenly-leveled showcase duet for beginners. This lively traditional folk tune is sure to add fun to lessons and recitals!

“I gave this to two siblings and it was a huge hit. So simple and so lovable and it gets stuck in your head!”


“This is one of the most FUN songs you’ll ever play! I use it for sight reading and duet-rhythm work with my intermediate students, but beginners could learn it. Caution: Totally addicting!”


The Doxology: Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow arranged in a beautiful, flowing, contemporary setting. This beloved hymn is a lovely choice for preludes, offertories, weddings, recitals, and personal enjoyment!

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

“One of my ALL-TIME favorite pieces to play as a church musician, and I have hundreds of choices! This is just gorgeous and so unique. Everyone sits up, listens, and mentions it after church. Feels great under the hands, and I just want to start playing it again from the beginning every time I finish it. I truly hope Robyn will continue to arrange hymns!”


“This is a wonderfully delicate and lyrical arrangement of a hymn that typically is played with extreme heaviness and strength. Impressive, but not difficult. You’ll get requests to play this again and again.”


Once Upon A Rainbow is a charming, lyrical duet for a beginner and a teacher or intermediate player. This lovely little piece provides reinforcement for eighth notes and playing in waltz time.

“I knew as soon as I heard this that it would be performed by one of my students at our Spring recital. This is a beautiful piece with a lovely duet part. I look forward to seeing more from Robyn Fehrenbacher. Thank you!”


“This beautiful piece has gone straight into my cart because when I asked my 5yr old daughter if she wants to play it, she said ‘Yes! Can I play it now??'”


“What a beautiful piece! Thank you for sharing this with us Robyn. My five-year-old student performed this beautifully, with the duet, in our Spring Recital this year. Such a sweet piece for her!!”


“One of my young KK students played this for our spring recital. She worked very hard on it and sounded great! Her mom likes lyrical-style pieces with flowing melodies. We were all three pleased with it!”


Island Dance is a festive, upbeat solo for beginners of all ages, along with a teacher duet. This light-hearted, happy tune is a crowd-pleaser for recitals, and will make audiences want to get up and dance!

“This fun little solo stands alone well, and together with the duet I simply find myself smiling each time I play it. It’s a go-to piece when a student (or the teacher!) needs a pick-me-up.”


“This piece makes me ready to go get a coconut-lime frozen drink and lay down in a hammock under a swaying palm tree! Adorably cute and fun!”


Carriage Ride is a delightful classical-style solo for beginners of all ages that also includes an enjoyable teacher duet. This adorable piece is a refreshing addition to lessons and recitals!

“Great piece! I’m assigning this to two siblings, the elder is advanced enough to play the teacher part.”


“I’m ordering this charming piece because 1.) It is like an easy beginner Sonatina in style, and 2.) My teacher group organizes duet festivals, and the teacher duet part is easy enough for an advanced beginner student to partner with a beginner!”


Sunny Day is a delightful, lyrical solo written at three different levels. Includes two beginner versions with an optional teacher duet, as well as a solo version for late beginners of all ages.

“This song flows so nicely and is really beautiful. It was a big hit on my students’ recital this May! The multi-leveled aspect is excellent.”


“I have several students that like multi-leveled pieces and “Sunny Day” is great for them. They enjoy the challenge of mastering a level so they can move on to the next. I appreciate that a very nice duet is included to go along with this happy piece.”


“Hi! My name is Anna & I’m 11. I LOVE this song. The melody makes me happy. I love how it feels under my fingers when I play it. It just flows.”


“One of my students played this for our spring recital. Loving this piece and the levels. Thank you!”

Amy T

“Love the multi-level choices for this piece. Very beautifully written and will be a studio favorite with my students!”


This arrangement of Sussex Carol is a beautiful holiday piece in a contemporary lyrical style for intermediates of all ages.